"Now in this island of Atlantis there existed a confederation of kings, of great and marvelous power, which held sway over all the island, and over many other islands also and parts of the continent."
Plato, 360 BC

  • Introducing the League of Mermaids!
    (May 23rd, 2013)

    Legacy Games is very proud to announce our newest physics Match-3 game: League of Mermaids, coming soon in June! Follow us over on our blog to get the latest news and behind-the-scenes updates.

    League of Mermaids is being developed by the same team that made fan-favorites Legends of Atlantis: Exodus and Atlantis: Pearls of the Deep! If you liked those games, you’ll LOVE this one!

    There’s even rumors of a contest in which one lucky fan will join the League of Mermaids by actually becoming a mermaid in our game! Be the first to find out when that happens!


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  • Alder Games receives a special reward!
    (December 15th, 2012)

    Alder Games, the developer of Legends of Atlantis,  and Legacy have recently received a huge honor by the leading casual game review website Gamezebo.com.  Our new game Atlantis: Pearls of the Deep (READ MORE HERE) has received the 2012 Gamezebo Match 3 game of the year!


    If you like Legends of Atlantis and would like to try this excellent game out, hop on over to our website and give our free trial a whirl.  We think you’ll like it!


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  • It’s Your Choice – Two ways to play!
    (November 12th, 2012)

    We hear the complaint all of the time:

    “We really want to play Legends of Atlantis but WE HATE THE ADS!!! If only you offered the game without the annoying ads!!!”

    We understand, no one likes ads.  Some players like the ability to play the game for free and consider ads an annoying but necessary experience (while I love making games, I also love eating and paying my rent :) ).  But I understand some users just want to pay for the game and be done with it.

    That’s why I’m proud to say that we have given YOU the option to choose which way you want to play!  Want to download and play Atlantis FOR FREE, with the chance to earn free prizes everyday?  Then download the free Legends of Atlantis: Exodus on iPhone and iPad!

    FREE iPhone version!

    FREE iPad version!

    Want to purchase the full version of Legends of Atlantis: Exodus with NO ADS! NO IN-APP PURCHASES! and the exclusive Casual Mode?

    PREMIUM iPhone version!

    PREMIUM iPad version! 

    Play Atlantis your way, the way you want to.  If there’s any other suggestions you would like to see for the mobile version, please let us know in comments!

    - Jamar


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