Legends of Atlantis: Exodus Coming Q2 2012

LOS ANGELES, CA (October 19, 2011) – Legacy Interactive® and Nexway are proud to announce a publishing partnership with Legends of Atlantis: Exodus, a strategic time management game, scheduled for online, mobile, and retail release in Q2 2012.

In Legends of Atlantis: Exodus, players are transported to the mythic continent of Atlantis, on the verge of its inevitable destruction. Help evacuate the ancient Atlanteans from their homes before devastation sinks the cities deep beneath the waves! Clear obstructed paths, dig canals, frighten away enemies, and build new roads to free the entrapped residents. Move through five enthralling locations and 50 challenging levels, retrieving priceless relics before they are lost forever in the annals of history.

“We are so pleased to be working with Nexway, one of the most successful distributors of casual games worldwide, on this exciting original game. We have designed the game from the get-go to appeal to the international markets in which Nexway is dominant,” says Ariella Lehrer, CEO of Legacy Interactive.

“Nexway is very proud to announce this agreement with Legacy Interactive, an experienced developer and publisher, creator of some of the best-selling, award-winning games worldwide. With this partnership, we are entering a publishing model, new to our company, which matches our desire to provide the very best games to our customers and retail network. We will do our best to ensure the success of both this title and our long term collaboration with Legacy Interactive,“ says Gilles RIDEL, CEO of Nexway.

With 50 levels of fresh and original game play, Legends of Atlantis: Exodus will please casual gamers and strategy game fans alike.

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About Legacy Interactive
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