Legacy Interactive® is a seasoned developer and publisher of engaging games and innovative educational simulations and apps. We bring together unique expertise in gaming and learning, resulting in products that are smart, fun, and challenging. Legacy has two divisions, Legacy Games and Legacy U, which allow the Company to apply its extensive production experience to the creation of mass market games as well as innovative products for students and professionals.

Through its Legacy Games division, Legacy has created best-selling story-based games such as Murder, She Wrote, Law & Order, The Lost Cases of Sherlock Holmes, and Criminal Minds. Its animal simulations for kids, including Pet Pals and Zoo Vet, have won many prestigious prizes and awards. Legacy’s consumer products are distributed worldwide, online and retail, in more than 15 languages, and on multiple platforms, including PC and Mac, Nintendo DS and Wii, and iPhone/iPad.

Through its Legacy U division, Legacy has created compelling scenario-based medical training products and simulations for textbook publishers such as Mosby, Prentice Hall, Lippincott, and Elsevier. Currently the Company is working on an exciting project with the American College of Emergency Physicians, under contract with the Department of Homeland Security, to develop an online game for children and adults, to teach about disaster preparedness.

Legacy Interactive was incorporated in 1998 and is based in Los Angeles. Visit Legacy’s other websites for more information about its popular and award-winning products:


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